Here We Grow Learning Center

Uniform Policy

Here We Grow Learning Center adopted our uniform policy in 2017

for enrolled students ages 2 -5 years old. 

The 2 year old uniform is forest green polo shirts and khaki bottoms.

The 3-5 year old uniform is gold polo shirts and khaki bottoms.

Why Uniforms . . . .?

(1) Uniforms help kids to stay focused on learning

(2) Uniforms boost school spirit and builds a sense of self pride and community

(3) Uniforms promote time efficiency organization and neatness

(4) Uniforms are cost effective (i.e You can spend $50 at the most for the school year and get five shirts and two bottoms)

(5) Encourages individual self-expression through arts, music, sports, personality and academic achievement rather than clothing

Note:  The Polo Shirts and khaki bottoms are reasonably priced at your local Wal-Mart.