Here We Grow Learning Center

Here We Grow Learning Center


Creative Curriculum

in all of our fun & interactive lessons and activities!

Learning Goals and Objectives

Our curriculum is centered around the following six learning goals and objectives necessary to ensure a successful transition to kindergarten and elementary school. 

Objective One: Personal, Social and Emotional Growth

Objective Two:  Communication, Language and Literacy Skills

Objective Three: Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy Skills

Objective Four:  Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Objective Five:  Physical Development

Objective Six: Creative and Artistic Development



Center Goals and Objectives

Our classrooms include centers that are equipped to assist in meeting specific Learning Goals and Objectives.  We encourage children to explore and use their imagination in our centers so that learning is fun and interactive.

Home Center: Encourages Role Playing for Socialization

Block Center:  Promotes spatial relationships and geometric understanding for math concepts

Art Center:  Supports individual expression and creativity

Science Center: Influences exploration and discovery of the world we live in.

Music Center:  Teaches auditory learning skills and distinction of different sounds

Reading Center: Encourages a love for reading, books and promotes self-expression through storytelling

Sensory Center: Expands knowledge learned through the five senses: sight, sound, touch and taste

Writing Center:  Strengthens fine motor skills; eye/hand coordination and helps children to develop a love for the writing